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StemChef welcomes you to partake in our weekly wit-bits, fun facts, smashing stories and superstar spotlights...

Our mission is to engage, inspire and celebrate your kids! Our hope is that through the fun interactions with our edible gamification of STEM, your children will be on a path of lifelong STEM learning.

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Potato Chips

Fun Fact

Crispy, salty, and sooo yummy….. world’s most popular snack: Potato Chips! So what’s the scoop on its origin?


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fun Fact

Chocolate chip cookies… chocolatey, decadent! But did you know that they were invented by accident?


Mantra Venkatachalam

Superstar Spotlight

The superstar spotlight this week is on Mantra, who just celebrated her birthday in lockdown for the 2nd time!


Nyneisha Deshpande

Superstar Spotlight

The superstar spotlight this week is on Nyneisha, who is the sole inspiration and the reason for StemChef.


Starburst Geology


How do you help your kids understand geology? By using Starburst of course!


Founder Story


Hi, I'm Ashie the founder and CEO of StemChef. StemChef started in my kitchen as a mother-daughter activity.