Meet Our Founder: Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad

Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad is an entrepreneur, scientist, and educator. She is a strong advocate for food based STEM education for young children. Ashie founded StemChef on this principle to keep STEM interest kindled and alive among children. Happily she also tackles the female “pipeline” issue that is blamed for under-represented female gender in STEM careers. Prior to that she had dedicated a decade of her life working on renewable energy to combat climate change. Her papers have been published in top scientific journals and she was recently a speaker at the TEDx SF conference. Now Ashie is out to inspire the teeny tots to take on global issues of their generation. Ashie holds a PhD in Engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.   

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in the press:

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San Francisco 

Teaching science through cooking

Learn about Ashie's unique path to discovering her passion