Embark on virtual escape room adventures and not only earn Nova Awards but a surprise treat after conquering each challenge!

Science Everywhere

You are about to be promoted to Chief of the Environmental Agency. But it is dependent on a very important investigation of the newly found water source site. If it is found to be clean it will immensely help the drought situation but if not - it will be one sticky situation. It is your job to figure this out. With great power comes great responsibility ... and a treat!

Requirements covered:

3 and 4

1,2,3 - GO!

The Secret Service has called on you to help catch a slick criminal. You need to decode a mysterious intercepted message with secret ciphers that will reveal the criminal's hideout. But first you need to go through the right training and a test. A delicious reward will welcome you once your work is done. We count on you to save the day!

Requirements covered:

3 and 4

Fearful Symmetry

Congratulations! You are shortlisted as a finalist for one of the greatest art competitions in the world. But in order to prove you deserve the coveted winning place you need to ace five tests. Symmetry will be the deciding factor for the winner, as you assess wall decorations, rugs, and patchwork designs. The winner will be awarded the tastiest reward ever!

Requirements covered:

3 and 4

Uncovering the Past

Calling your attention! The existence of a new collection of pyramids has come to attention. Sift through history, make discoveries, and learn all about archeology in this virtual escape room. Maybe if you are lucky you might even discover a prized delicacy at the end...?

Requirements covered:

3 through 5


You book an escape of your choice on a chosen date. You get access to our platform. The escape room is an interactive experience that each scout gets to enjoy on their computer. The host/facilitator can run a video meeting where the scouts can collaborate and solve the challenges as a team. 




Pricing is $10/scout with a minimum booking for 10 scouts. The facilitators/scout leaders who host the experience get complimentary access. We provide 1 complimentary access for a leader per 5 scouts. 


Contact us to learn more and book your Nova Award Escape for your den, pack or council .

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