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Roshnee Gulati


Growing up, I was never good at science. Reading science textbooks did not make the concepts click in my head. One of my best friends was good at science, but she also loved to cook. She would invite me over to her house to make dinner together, showing me how to whisk brownie batter properly, and I learned a lot from her. Because of all the fun I had with her, I took the “foods” class in middle and high school, and joined the cooking club with her.

My teacher would explain the importance of each ingredient, so we would understand how they worked together to make the end product. As I learned these concepts, they clicked easily in my head.

I would go home with the leftovers, telling my mom all about the concepts I learned. She would nod and let me talk, even though she already knew everything I was explaining to her. But, I would always be so excited that the concepts made sense to me, and I was rewarded a yummy treat at the end of all the learning.

Now that I think of it, my “foods" teachers really were teaching us the science of cooking. I never really connected science with cooking until I was older. By working with StemChef and making TikTok videos that explain science through food, I myself am learning all these scientific concepts while being able to make new treats! Ashie has spent time explaining scientific concepts to me, which has helped me understand concepts that I never really understood as a kid. Furthermore, her guidance has helped me learn how to think creatively and have confidence in my ideas. I know that if I was a kid right now, I would love to learn science through StemChef. I’m very excited to continue working with Ashie, and StemChef, to help introduce some at home experiments as well as educate myself!

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