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Sarah Lalonde


I never thought that I would be a STEM teacher! Sure, I am married to a career middle-school science teacher, and I enjoyed the way the students in my special education and second-grade classes responded when I taught science.

When the NGSS and STEM movement came along, I was asked if I would consider leaving my second-grade position and become the elementary STEM coordinator. Being a brand new position, it involved creating the STEM program for our K-4 building. I love new challenges, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Outfitting a lab (thank goodness I am married to a science teacher) as well as creating a STEM curriculum and teaching it K-4 was quite a challenge. It was ultimately so worth it when I saw first hand the engagement, excitement, and sense of wonder it brought out in the children.

My outlook on the world has changed too. Questioning things in the natural world is now something I do a lot more. Over the last several years I have created many units and resources through Science and STEAM Team, which incorporates NGSS and STEM to facilitate great STEM education and promote a sense of wonder in students and adults.

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