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Sydney Mah


Ever since I was a little kid I was surrounded by science. With my mom being a successful dentist and business owner, while my dad was an engineer working for Nintendo, I have found my parents role models and I try to live up to them. Because inspiration was found at home, from a young age I expected a lot from myself to do better and better so I wouldn’t let my parents down. Nevertheless, I still found a way to enjoy science. As a child, I picked out and focused on the positives of the intricate subject. It fed my curiosity and guided me to uncover new things. The earliest memory I have was when I was in grade three, when my teacher was teaching us about the solar

system. I was so mesmerized by the new concept I was learning in class. Discovering that there was so much more to the world than I knew felt like I had just learned about magic.

My passion for science continued from 8-year old me. As years passed by my passion and interest for science grew through elementary, middle, and high school. Learning about the human skeleton, how vaccines work, or why percentage yield is important has helped me gain more insight about the world. Yes, it did get more challenging and complicated the further I got, but that didn’t discourage me. In fact, because it became more of a challenge it pushed and motivated me to work harder in order to do well.

Through StemChef, I am so excited to share my passion with science to others. Especially because I know that many people may not share the same mindset towards STEM like me. StemChef’s way of teaching science is really unique, special, and something I’ve personally never heard of before. I believe escape rooms and recipes is such a fun and engaging way to teach others and especially kids about STEM. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Ashie and StemChef in order to encourage and inspire future generations to love STEM. I am learning so much from this experience and I cannot wait to work on more projects to help StemChef thrive!

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