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Kitchen Hockey


Doesn't it sometimes feel that your cake takes forever to bake. But the next time you bake your cake or set your lasagna in the oven for an hour or even set your cup noodles aside to cook for 5 minutes you can have a fun activity to keep you occupied.Pass your time playing Kitchen Hockey!

To create this fun pass time you will need a balloon, an old CD, a bottle cap and glue gun. So grab these items and follow along. Blow the balloon and attach the opening of the balloon to the open side of the plastic bottle cap.

Put some adhesive on the centre of the CD and stick the cap-balloon arrangement on it. You are done!! Slide it across your dining table with a partner and it's your very own arcade. Check out our TikTok account to see this in action!

Now let's uncover the science behind it. Sliding friction is less than the static friction. Static friction is the friction experienced by an object at rest. Smooth surfaces create the least amount of friction.The table is a polished surface as well so the CD slides over the table.

If you create a small hole in the cap, the arrangement will turn into a hovercraft. The air escaping from the hole will be evenly spread below the CD creating a layer of air which further reduces the friction and with it will keep sliding even with a gentle push.

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- Anika Vashisht

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