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  • What exactly is the StemChef experience?
    The StemChef experience is unlike any other kids' party experience. It is a science-based escape room that awards them with a 'scientific edible treat' at the end. Children to have an opportunity to explore and learn for one hour in a non-competitive cooperative manner through a special "escape" room that has been carefully crafted with child-friendly puzzles, riddles and games throughout. To solve the puzzle, you will learn various STEM-related concepts guided by our friendly staff and be rewarded with a special "treat." There is no time-limit to solve puzzles like a traditional escape room, so no pressure or stress - just pure fun, cooperation, curiosity and learning.
  • How long is the party?
    Exactly 90 minutes. The escape room experience lasts for 60 minutes followed by access to the party room for 30 minutes. There is a hard stop at 30 minutes. We charge a $100 fee after that.
  • Is there a choice of escape room experiences?
    No. We have one escape room experience that changes on an annual basis. You can find out our current theme if you follow our Instagram page.
  • What exactly is the treat they get at the end?
    That is a secret! But here are the ingredients in case you would like to share with your guests. Ingredients: all purpose flour, baking powder, granulated sugar, eggs, butter, salt, cream, lemon extract, vanilla extract, Ghirardelli white chocolate (cane sugar, vegetable oil (hydrogenated palm kernel and palm oil, glyceryl lacto esters), nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavor), food grade orange and yellow dust
  • Do the kids need to bring anything with them?
    Nope - we only need them to bring their scientific curiosity!
  • When can we enter the venue to set up?
    The venue is only available 10 minutes before your event begins. This is the time for the children to gather and get instructions before the escape room. Once they’re in the escape room, the hosts (Maximum 3 adults) will have an hour to set up in the party room.
  • How is the party room decorated?
    The party room has rainbow walls with balloons, and a Happy Birthday banner for the photo backdrop. We have white tables with a glitter table runner under an epoxy surface. And chairs with white seat covers.
  • Can I bring my own decorations?
    As long as you do NOT need to use adhesives. You are welcome to bring helium balloons and tableware, tablecovers etc. We do not allow any wall decor and anything that requires sticky tapes/adhesives on our property.
  • Are parents of the guests able to attend the party (cake-cutting) with their children?
    No. This is strictly a drop-off event. Parents will drop their kids 10 minutes before party time and pick up in exactly 90 minutes. Because of space, it is strictly a drop off event. Only the birthday child is allowed to have up to 3 adults accompany them.
  • Are parents of the birthday child allowed to participate during the party?
    For the escape room part - no. We want the kids to engage and cooperate without parental assistance and we also have space restraints. The hosts can set up in the party room during the 1 hour the kids are in the escape room. For the 30 minute birthday party celebration in the party room - yes. The parents will be hosting the birthday celebration.
  • What if the number of expected guests changes?
    You can change the number until 3 days before the party. If it is just plus or minus one child, we can accommodate this until the evening before the party
  • Do you provide plates, cups and cutlery?
    No. We only provide the party room with tables, chairs and decorations. You are responsible for bringing any plates, cutlery and anything else that you would require.
  • Do you provide food and drinks? Can we bring our own?
    No, we do not provide food and drinks. You are welcome to bring your own food. There are no restrictions on what you can bring. Since we are located in the Stoneridge Mall, there are several food establishments in the mall that can take your order.
  • Can we get food delivered to your location?
    We do NOT recommend getting food delivered. There have been delays in getting food orders. Since you have a strict 30 minute time window in the party room, you might not be able to get the party wrapped up in time.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Please contact us by email at with any questions up to and including the day of the party.
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