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Rachel Ho


The time was 1pm in the afternoon and I had had a good night’s sleep the previous night. But I was beyond tired, both physically and mentally. I had been struggling to learn the “physiology” concepts for upcoming exams. Online school is hard. Spending hours on end everyday on my computer, watching recorded videos made me feel hopeless, like I was trying to teach these confusing concepts to myself. As I scrolled through the resources trying to find a useful study guide, I came across a link called “Respiratory Escape Room”. I was instantly intrigued, because I’m an escape room enthusiast. Turned out that the link led to a google form that was made by the course Teaching Assistant.

The virtual escape room combined all the concepts we had learnt in the form of puzzles. When I had finished, I was simply amazed by how effectively I had learnt the impossible-to-learn physiology concepts. From that fun experience, I started incorporating little tricks in learning, like creating stories to connect ideas together.

It was around this time that I discovered StemChef. I was amazed at how perfectly the opportunity to work with StemChef, combined a lot of my interests in a magical way that I didn’t think was possible. I could write creative stories, create puzzles, all the while connecting them to food and cooking, and inspiring the young generation about math and sciences. Ashie has continually challenged me to think outside of the box, and her passion for STEM education has inspired me tremendously.

I’m super excited to continue working on new projects with StemChef, and inspire myself to keep learning in the process!

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