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Fun Fact

Sweet, chewy, creamy fudge - a delicious treat. But did you know, it was invented by accident when a candy-maker “fudged” a caramel recipe?

Back before fudge was actually a sweet treat, the word “fudge” literally meant “nonsense” to express annoyance. Legend has it that in the 1880s, a candy-maker in Philadelphia was overseeing his employees making caramels. Somehow, one of the employees made a mistake and the sugar in the caramel had crystallized and the final product was firm rather than chewy, like the caramels that were

originally intended. The candy-maker witnessed the sweet but firm outcome and exclaimed, “Fudge!”, in annoyance. It must have been quite delicious however seeing as fudge has become a classic dessert today!

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- Jenna Dhanani

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