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TikTok Challenge


What is your #fearofstem ?

Want a chance to win a FREE escape room and a $50 Amazon gift card?

Well, you should participate in StemChef’s TikTok Challenge: Fear of STEM!

StemChef’s goal is to teach young children Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts in a fun way! But, many people at

some point have either hated or feared one or more STEM topics. So, StemChef wanted to make a way for people to acknowledge their fears in STEM, and face their fears in a fun TikTok!

The challenge has two parts:

1. Film a slow motion video of yourself running away in fear
2. Show us what STEM concept you are scared of, and have it move approaching the camera! You can use a book, object, or even dress up as the concept itself. The concept can be as general as Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Or, you can be more specific such as Organic Chemistry or Algebra!

When making the TikTok, be sure to use the TikTok audio “Nobody - Mitski”, tag @StemChef , and use the hashtag #fearofstem in the description!

Check out our introduction video:
And watch an example video for inspiration:

The challenge will begin July 26th and end August 9th, so be sure to upload your video between those dates! We cannot wait to see what your #fearofstem is!

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