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Post-it Notes

Fun Fact

Ever wondered how everyday essential post-it note was invented? Totally by accident!

Researcher Spencer Silver created an adhesive that could be used repeatedly and pulled off a surface without leaving any damage. He did not find a practical use for it until his colleague Art Fry used it to stick papers into one of his books. The post-it note was created and launched 12 years after Silver’s initial discovery. But once the Post-it notes were launched, the product became an overnight success.

People who used it used to be the advertisers for the notes since the recipients would become curious about the product and then go out and buy the Post-its for themselves. If the word “virality” existed then, it would have been a viral adoption of Post-its. Silver used to say, “Post-its was a product nobody thought they needed until they did”.

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- Natasha Matta

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