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Fun Fact

People have been devouring yogurt for thousands of years in various forms, with addition of fruits and even as desserts. And yes…. it was an accident that led to its creation

There are accounts that yogurt might have first appeared around 5000 to 10,000 years ago. Ancient pottery reveals evidence that people used pots to store milk. Natural souring of milk in warm temperatures probably led to the existence and discovery of yogurt. The discovery of fermented milk being safe to consume was instrumental in the development of human society.

Yogurt is easier to digest, hence lactose intolerant people could benefit from the nutrients of milk without much difficulty. It is impossible to know with certainty who invented yogurt. Greeks referred to a mix of honey and yogurt as the "food of the gods", which is now popularized as the Greek yogurt.

Major advancement took place in 1905 when Bulgarian microbiologist, Stamen Grigorov discovered the bacteria strain responsible for fermentation of milk - Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Keeping in mind the long life span of Bulgarian peasants, yogurt was marketed for its health benefits.It was this study and many others that preceded it, which led to the commercialization of yogurt which was previously only produced in domestic capacity.

- Anika Vashisht

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