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Edible Slime


Who doesn’t like slime, but what is something better than slime: Edible slime.
The slimy texture in hands is fun but wouldn’t it simply be better to bite on it?

Slime is a POLYMER. What is a polymer you ask? Polymer are large molecule like long chains made up of repeating small units called “monomers”. Polymers are found everywhere in nature from the clothes that you wear (like Nylon) to the food that you eat (proteins found in eggs).

In this yummy post, we will be making a simple edible slime - play and then eat it!
Follow along to make your very own edible slime with just two ingredients. You will need large marshmallows and cornstarch.

Take a microwave-friendly bowl and put 5-6 marshmallows in it. Microwave it for a minute. Take out the bowl from the microwave. Stir the mixture continuously while adding small amounts of cornstarch. Add small amounts of cornstarch at a time to avoid clumps. Repeat till the consistency feels appropriate. You will need to knead the mixture with your hands to get the perfect texture.

This is a great way to get introduced to the topic of non-newtonian fluids/ elastomers.

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- Anika Vashisht

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