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Tia Deloach Benson


As long as I can remember, I have always wondered how different computer parts work together to make a computer work. I would often have many questions like how are we able to see what’s on a computer screen? How are the objects able to move on the screen? How are the objects in different colors? Fueled by these questions I took a game programming class in high school. This class ablazed my interest in STEM. The teacher who taught the class truly inspired us by giving us a glimpse into the world of engineering and science. I was motivated to participate in various STEM competitions, and was always intrigued by the different projects of other teams.

My passion for STEM only grew through high school and my love for Computer Science was established in the introductory class during my first year of college. Deep down, I have always been driven to solve complex problems. My education has given me the ability to learn about coding in different languages and structuring my mindset through logical thinking. Designing algorithms used to solve complex problems such as artificial intelligence has been a propeller for me. Using all the theoretical knowledge for practical use, I recently created video games for smartphones, which has given me the self-confidence and purpose to pursue computer programming as my career. I have come to realize that a genuine interest is a key ingredient in pursuing STEM fields and I would truly like to inspire other young girls to tread on this path in the future.

Being passionate about coding is the reason I was interested in becoming an apprentice at StemChef. Being able to combine recipes and STEM is what makes StemChef unique, and it’s a fun way for children to learn. Creating computer programs is similar to following a recipe when cooking. Whenever I am coding, I am giving instructions to the computer. A recipe is instructions for creating a dish, which means I am creating “recipes” for computers! I am so glad to have the opportunity to help create an innovative STEM curriculum through games, working with StemChef. I am learning so much from this apprenticeship and working under Ashie, and I am thrilled to be contributing to the different programs that StemChef offers!

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