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Girls in STEM

Candy Science

Summer Camps

for ages 8 -12

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July 8 - July 12
(9am - 12pm)

Learn to make a variety of your favorite candy using molecular formulations, flavors, colors...and more.

Let your imagination pop, crackle, fizzle and just plain explode while making and tasting the delicious treats! 


July 29 - Aug 2
(9am - 12pm)

Dive into the captivating world of physics-infused candy creations. Let your creativity soar as you mix, heat, and transform ingredients into delectable treats. Unleash your inner physicist to make confectionery delights!

About the camp

Welcome to our Girls in STEM Candy Science Summer Camp, where young innovators embark on a delicious journey of discovery! Our camp blends the excitement of confectionery delights with the wonders of science, inspiring girls to explore the sweet side of STEM fields. Through hands-on experiments, interactive activities, and expert guidance, campers uncover the mysteries of candy making through the lens of chemistry and physics. From unraveling the molecular structures of their favorite candies to designing innovative textures and flavors, every day will be filled with creativity, exploration, and tasty discoveries. Join us for a summer of innovation, imagination, and, of course, mouthwatering fun at our Girls in STEM Candy Science Summer Camp!

Instructor and curriculum
The program is designed by Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad, Ivy-league trained PhD engineer.  
The root of the curriculum is derived from the Harvard Science & Cooking courses.
The participants will receive a certificate of completion for their achievements.


Early Bird until May 15th

(Regular pricing: $495/week from May 16th)

Registration closed
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