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Choice of food plays a large part in reducing our carbon footprint
Identify the ingredients you will use to make a sustainable treat and get the recipe to ESCAPE!

Try again!
food foodprint.png

The red numbers are ingredient numbers

The black numbers are the carbon footprints

We want the carbon footprint to be as low as possible! 

All the ingredients in your recipe individually have carbon footprint less than 6 


1st ingredient:

It is yellow in color but the carbon footprint is not a whole number

2nd ingredient:

It has a carbon footprint of 3.

It is above an ingredient with carbon footprint of 8

3rd and 4th ingredients:

Both have carbon footprint of 1 but the 3rd ingredient is green

5th ingredient:

The last ingredient will bring the sum of the carbon footprint of our recipe to 8 and 1/4.

List the ingredient # in order to find out the recipe.

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