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Virtual Escape Room

for Remote Team Building

Golden State

For nearly two centuries the prospect of striking gold had attracted people from all over the world to California during the “Gold Rush”.

But one extremely lucrative map eluded history. For better or for worse it has fallen into your lap for a reason. If you manage to uncover the mysteries it holds there is treasure to be discovered. Embark on a rich puzzle-solving journey with your team but beware you might bring back unpleasant history to this century!

Details & Pricing

The Golden State is a live 1-hour escape room adventure hosted over Zoom. Groups are split into teams of 4-5 people each and compete against each other to "win" the treasure. 

Cost is $25/person with 20 person minimum. We offer discounts for larger groups. 

About us

StemChef is an award-winning EdTech company that uses escape rooms to deliver STEM curriculum to K-12 students.

Our mission is to drive team-building, intellectual curiosity and whet analytical acumen among children to realize life-long learning. We believe these elements are key for any successful path irrespective of age. 

Since the pandemic we have broadened our offerings to include skill and intellectual ability 

appropriate corporate "retreats", team-building activities and events.

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