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July 24 - July 28
(9am - 12pm)

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July 31 - Aug 4
(9am - 12pm)

2 unique summer camps

for ages 9 -12

Registration closed


(build your own STEM board game)

Our "Build your own STEM Board Game" summer camp will provide campers an array of different science themes to choose from, conduct guided research and use their imagination to put it together in a form of a game. Campers will have the freedom to create with unbridled creativity, innovative thinking, and bringing it all together with the principles of design thinking. We will invite families to join on the last day of camp to showcase their children's creations!


Weekly Schedule

Day 1:

Ice-breaker through playing different games. 

Learning and choosing science themes.

Day 2:

Ideation and research testing.

Rough Prototyping.

Day 3:

Finalize Prototypes.

Play testing with other campers.

Day 4:

Modification based on the play-testing and Re-testing. 

Final game development 

Day 5:

Branding and packaging.

Showcase: Open House for parents and friends. 

sustainable creatives

Our "Sustainable Creatives" summer camp will provide campers an insight into industries that have enormous impact on the environment: Textiles, Paper & pulp and Plastics. But what is the fun in just learning? They will put to use the new found knowledge by recycling, upcycling  and reusing materials to create fascinating end products. We will hold an open house to show off their creations to friends and family. We will equip your child to be a leader in Sustainability!

Weekly Schedule

Day 1:

Ice-breaker games and quizzes on sustainability.

Learn about the textile industry through interactive games.

Start ideation on upcycling fabrics.

Day 2:

Learn about the paper industry through interactive games.

Discover creation of unique paper furniture. 

Complete textile project and start paper furniture project.

Day 3:

Learn about the plastics industry through interactive games.

Find out ways to reuse different plastics.

Complete the furniture project and start plastic re-use project. 

Day 4:

Leadership in sustainability workshop.

Complete all the projects for the showcase.

Day 5:

Branding and storytelling.

Showcase: Open House for parents and friends. 

smmercamp learn more


$325/ week 
 Until May 31st

(Price increases to $355 per week from June 1st)

Registration closed

Please note: There will be $55 material costs that will be payable on the 1st day of camp)

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