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Virtual Scientific Cooking 

Escape Room

(Perfect for ages 8 - 13)

Attention: School, PTA & GATE administrators! 

Escape Room meets Science meets Cooking

This unique virtual experience is created specifically for children ages 8 - 13 to continue STEM enrichment during these current trying times. 

The interactive webinar style field trip has kids solving puzzles and gathering clues to discover a STEM concept. You can choose from multiple kid-friendly engaging themes each with a different concept. Children use their analytical skills to find a recipe that uses the STEM elements they learn through the journey. The discovery of the edible treat is the ‘Escape'.


It is an unforgettable experience for children and has them talking about Science for FUN!


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Escape the Enchanted Forest

You find yourself in the midst of an enchanted forest! Kids navigate through the forest and discover the magic of light. They'll soon learn there is so much more than meets the eye. But will they be able to discover the magical recipe in order to escape the enchanted forest?

STEM Concept: Electromagnetic radiation

(And yes an eight year old will understand)

Escape the Alchemist's lair

You are transported back in time and are locked up in an alchemist's lab. Kids navigate through ancient history learning about Alchemy: the history of chemistry. But will they be able to discover the potion in order to escape the historical lair and return to current time?

STEM Concept: Chemistry reactions


Detective: Solve the Mystery

Detectives! Your exceptional skills will be put to the test as you uncover mysteries of the monsters looming in your

favorite foods. Once your job is finished a sweet reward will await you.

STEM Concept: Nutrition - replacing unhealthy elements found in junk food with natural foods 

Back to Earth

Your team is trapped on another planet and the only way back to earth is to make an environmentally sustainable treat. Children learn about earth, sustainability and carbon footprint in this experience.

STEM Concept: Environment Science

IG earthday-2.png
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Astronaut Training​

Congratulations! You have been selected for a training program to become an astronaut. But you will be successful only after completing all the training requirements. G'luck!

STEM Concept: Space Science

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