Online Escape Room for Kids

Each escape room challenge is individually priced.

Kids will be engaged for 50 minutes - 80 minutes that includes puzzle solving,  hands-on science experimentation and making a recipe.

Every week there will be a new challenge where kids will learn a new scientific concept and a new recipe while solving interactive puzzles, having fun and expanding their knowledge base.

You will get detailed instructions after you book the escape.


Stay tuned!  

Challenge 1:

You are the world’s expert on toys. It has come to your attention that the world’s favorite plaything has been forgotten by everyone. It has disappeared from the face of this earth……Poof!

Now it is up to you to investigate and bring back this forgotten relic. In order to break this spell you need to make an edible treat. All the information you need will be found within the clues in the eight rooms you shall discover.



Challenge 2:

You are an environmentalist and your team is trapped on another planet and can return to earth only if you make an environmentally sustainable earthly treat!

Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Now it is up to you to investigate and bring back your team. All the information you need will be found within the clues in the virtual rooms you shall discover.


Kids will learn about the carbon cycle and carbon footprint enroute to making a sustainable treat to "escape" this challenge.


Challenge 3:

Oops you didn’t realize mother’s day is upon you and you can't go out this year because of Shelter-in-Place. So your only option is to make something special for your mom!

Well embark on this challenge and if you succeed you will be making an extra special treat for your mom that she will remember forever! Who knows on the way to making a treat you might be able to make a gift as well.

Are you ready to make your mom the happiest mother in the world?


Let’s do it!


Kids will learn about acid-base chemistry and make a surprise treat!



1. What age do my kids need to be to enjoy a StemChef Online Escape Room? 

A. Ideally this experience is best for kids ages 8-13 but younger children take partake with help from parents or older siblings.

2. Does my kid need to have mastered any STEM skills or concepts before playing? 

A. No concepts are introduced as bite sized nuggets without expectation of any prior knowledge of the the subject

3. Does my kid have to know how to cook or have any kitchen skills before playing? 

A. No. But parental/adult supervision is advised.

4. Do I need to form a team for my kid to play? Can my kids play together? 

A. Currently we do not have the possibility of multi-player setup. Individual households partake in the experience on their own. 

5. What kinds of recipes are included in the puzzles? Are they mostly baking or cooking? 
A. It is a mix of baking and cooking. But all of them are simple recipes that require few ingredients and steps. Alternate ingredients and methods of cooking will be provided to suit different needs.

6. Can I modify the recipes to accommodate my child’s dietary needs (e.g., gluten free or avoiding specific allergies)? 

A. Yes absolutely! We will suggest alternate ingredients for different dietary restrictions.

.7. What are some examples of STEM lessons my kid will learn through the escape room?

A. Examples of some concepts that will be learnt and applied are density, polymers, acid-base chemistry, carbon foot-print, calorific energy, to name a few.

8.Does the game take place at a particular time, or can my kid join whenever s/he likes?

 A.No once you book an escape room challenge you will have access to it until the theme changes. Your child/ren can do it on their own time. But regardless of when you purchase the escape challenge, you will not have access to it after the theme changes. For eg. if the "Density" theme is for April 20 - 27 and  you purchase on Apr26. You will have access to it until Apr 27.

9. What happens if my kid gets stuck on a puzzle or challenge? 
A. There are hints that are provided at each level/section. It is up to you if you want to use them or not. We recommend trying each level/puzzle for at least 5 minutes before asking for hints. 

10. How much time does each escape take to solve?

A. It depends on the participants. But we estimate anywhere between 50 minutes - 70 minutes. 

11. How much does each challenge cost?

A. Each challenge costs $10/household, regardless of how many kids play.



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