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Holidays Scavenger Hunt Prep:

1. Zoom + Virtual experience: Communication

2. Teams of 5: For e.g. [Team (A) - Ashie]

3. Do not refresh page

4. Codes are words only: lower case letters, no spaces

5. No prior knowledge required

6. No external references required unless specifically told 

7. Total of 9 puzzles: ~3-6minutes; "Explore" everything

8. Hints "Broadcasted": 1min, 2-3min, 4-5min, Answer

9. Breakout rooms: 1 Share screen; Request help

10. Paper, pen, marker, scissors

Internet symbol


1. Cut a 1.5 cm x 1.5cm square from your piece of paper and make sure it fits the outside perimeter of this square

2. Next color the edges in exactly as seen below

frame for ICE puzzle.png
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