Spice up K-5 learning with

monthly scientific cooking

Interactive science experiments, recipes,

and games, designed for your kitchen. 

12 lessons billed annually

$25 / month

Every month, you'll get full online access to fresh follow-along videos, interactive activities, and downloads that help you teach important science concepts, from density to buoyancy. 

*Starting December 2019

Why science through cooking?

Cooking uses all of your

senses, helping you absorb

scientific concepts.

Designed for busy parents,

every lesson takes about

30-45 minutes to finish.

You don't have to be

scientist or a chef to get the

most out of each lesson.

Hands-on tips and tricks help

you tackle tasty culinary

challenges together.

Experiments are designed

to be delicious, so you'll leave

no waste behind.

Apply your discoveries to the world

around you with included

month-long activities.

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