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Escape to Dartmouth

Our beloved Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat is being held captive by a mean old Gargoyle.  The location of the Cat in the Hat is known to a mischievous pixie. The only way the pixie talks is if it is given its favorite super secret treat. Our team is ready in the kitchen to make the treat and feed it to the pixie. We can find the location of the Cat in the Hat but it is up to you to find that recipe. 

You can visit the Dartmouth campus virtually and discover clues that will lead you to the recipe. You will find clues in every part of the campus. Follow the trail. If you get stuck there are hints you can use but try to solve the puzzles without the hints. 

Help the Cat in the Hat Escape to Dartmouth!

(Please Note: This experience can be done on a laptop or computer but

not on smart devices such as iPad, smart phones etc...)

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