escape room

Participants experience a 60 - 80 minute adventure solving puzzles, tinkering with science and getting clues to create delicious scientific desserts! 

The science theme changes every month so children can savor a variety of scientific flavors.

Ages: 8 - 13

Exclusively for kids. No adults.


Introductory pricing: $35/person  

* Not recommended for children below 7

We are working on a version for ages 4-7

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Theme: Holidays

Everyone wants snow for the holidays, but is it possible to have too much of a good thing? 


It started snowing in sunny California and now home is colder than the North Pole. Can you stop the city from freezing over?

Ingredients for the month:

Chocolate, Sugar, Ice, Salt, Sprinkles, Cream, Butter

** Please inquire availability for private bookings of parties of 6 or more

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